Teaching a dog new tricks! 

If it were possible for me to come back as an animal, I’d come back as a cocker spaniel, adopted by my wife Kathe.  She is so good to me and to our dog Brownie that we are determined to learn all the new tricks we can.  Brownie and I are older than all those young ministers and puppies.  Both of us, realize  the world is changing and technology is advanced that we have to keep on exploring what is current on the internet and “sniff” out what is out there in the fields.   So this weekend, I tried out “live streaming TV.”

   Just go the Toms River Presbyterian Church, NJ,  click on Worship, scroll down to “Other Information”   PCTR Live Stream.   I preached there this past Saturday and Sunday,  April 22 and April 23,  for their traditional and contemporary services.   What fun.  To keep our churches growing in faith, it is essential that each and every dog, and each and every human learn all the new ways of communicating the Gospel.  I know I’m going to do everything to keep current  and I hope any readers here will share their comments and suggestions too. After all, dog spelled backwards is God!

  Yours in Christ,   The Roaring Lion,   Rev Rob  and Brownie our dog,  Amen Hallelujah Amen!     



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