When is a hero not a hero? James Comey

Are you confused about James Comey?   This fall James Comey was the enemy of  Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.   Now James Comey is the enemy of President Trump and the Republicans.   How things change.  So which side is Comey on?  Yes, he is a Republican, but he did not take the loyalty pledge to the president.

  Looking at his past, Comey did his college thesis on the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr–remember the Serenity Prayer?  Well he wrote it along with books like Moral Man and Immoral Society, The Nature and Destiny of Man.  One of Niebuhr’s famous quotes is “Speak truth to power.”  Is that what Comey is trying to do?   The jury is out.  What do you think about Comey?

( FYI  Although Reinhold Niebuhr had his greatest popularity during the 1950’s, there is a resurgence of interest in him today.  More about Niebuhr is my next post.)